34-year-old programmer takes his family to leave Beijing


The 34-year-old programmer and his family rushed to a new life, leaving Beijing and settling in the UK.

Have you ever thought about leaving the familiar city and starting a new life in a brand new country? Today, we will talk about such a brave story - a 34-year-old programmer took his family from Beijing to the UK to start a new life journey.

He is the Great Sage. A programmer from a national-level poverty-stricken county who has worked hard in Beijing for many years through his own efforts. He studied in Beijing's top universities and experienced the city's prosperity and opportunities. After graduation, he caught up with the golden development period of the Internet. Although he was not a computer major, he was exposed to programming in Beijing's entrepreneurial atmosphere and gradually grew into an excellent programmer.

In Beijing, the Great Sage completed many important milestones in his life: buying a house, buying a car, getting married, and even getting a Beijing household registration. However, at the age of 33, he and his wife welcomed a new life. The arrival of this new life made the great sage start thinking about how to give his children a happier and freer childhood.

So, they made a major decision - to go abroad. The great sage and his wife began to study education and living conditions abroad, hoping to find a place where their children could grow up happily. In the end, they chose the UK.

Why choose the UK? The Great Sage gave many reasons: the UK has many world-ranked universities with high quality education; the outdoor environment is comfortable, and there are no annoying creatures such as mosquitoes and snakes in summer; the climate is pleasant, although there are more cloudy days, the temperature is moderate; The residence policy is flexible and suitable for families like them who plan to return to China; there is also a rich cultural life and numerous job opportunities in large factories.

Of course, for the great sage, Britain also has a special attraction-that is his beloved Arsenal football team. As an Arsenal fan who has been following Arsenal since junior high school, being able to watch the game live in the UK is undoubtedly a huge temptation for him.

Now, the Monkey King and his family have started a new life in the UK. They are looking forward to exploring more possibilities and happiness in this strange country. And we also wish them full happiness and growth in their new journey.

Looking back at the story of the Great Sage, it is not difficult for us to find that life is not static, it is full of infinite possibilities and choices. Sometimes, taking a brave step to try a new lifestyle may bring unexpected gains and growth. So, are you willing to bravely pursue your dreams and life like the Great Sage?

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