Independent Development Monetization Weekly (Issue 136): Develop a website blocker that makes $100,000 a year


From idea to monetization: How a website blocker brought in $100,000 a year?

Have you ever been distracted from your work by browsing social media or news sites? Feeling, a designer and developer living in Jakarta, Indonesia, encountered the same problem. But the difference is that he developed an app for this and successfully monetized it, earning $100,000 a year. How is this done?

feeling's creativity stems from his own needs. As a creative worker who requires deep concentration, he found himself constantly distracted by other websites while working. Therefore, he developed an application called session, which is designed to help users block these interferences and improve work efficiency.

The original design intention of session is to provide services for professional groups such as software engineers, designers, writers, etc. who need to be highly focused. The app not only provides basic blocking functionality, but also increases user stickiness through real-time synchronization and other additional features. These additional features require users to unlock them through subscription, which is also the core of feeling's business model.

So how did this app go from idea to revenue? feeling adopts a free + value-added strategy. Basic functionality is free, which attracts a large number of users. Premium features require a subscription, which brings a steady income to feeling. He said the only expenses currently are server fees and email delivery fees, which only cost about ten dollars a month.

During the product development process, feelinging encountered many challenges. He not only needs to learn new programming techniques, but also constantly iterates based on user feedback. But he always stuck to his intuition and vision, believing that only products that truly meet user needs can be successful.

In order to promote the session, feelinging was published on platforms such as Product Hunt and quickly gained the first batch of subscribers. He also cooperates with application distribution platforms such as set app to further expand the user base. These efforts have resulted in the continued growth of session subscribers and increased revenue.

Of course, starting a business is not always smooth sailing. feeling is also facing problems such as user loss. But he believes that listening to users and constantly optimizing the product is the key to retaining customers. At the same time, he also encouraged other entrepreneurs to act bravely and not to get too hung up on details and plans, but to continue to explore and learn in practice.

In short, feelinging has achieved the transformation from creativity to monetization by developing an application that meets specific user needs and successfully using a free + value-added business model. His story not only demonstrates the wisdom and courage of entrepreneurs, but also provides valuable experience and inspiration to others who want to start a business or are just starting a business.

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