At first glance, it looks broken and messy! But we were still fascinated by Nepal... "Global Travel - Nepal"


Nepal: The mysterious charm beneath the chaos

When you first see Nepal, you may be shocked by its "breakdown" and "chaos". However, in this seemingly disordered land, we found its unique charm, which is fascinating and makes people linger.

tranquility in chaos

As soon as you step into Kathmandu, you are greeted by the hustle and bustle. The traffic is chaotic and the crowds are so dense that it feels like you are in a busy market. However, amidst the noise, we found the tranquility unique to Nepalese people. Whether in the streets or in front of temples, Nepalese people can always find their own peace. They either sit cross-legged or bow their heads in prayer, as if to tell us: There is always a peaceful place of their own in life.

Shocking history and culture

Nepal is a country with rich history and culture. Here, you can see ancient temples, magnificent pagodas, and feel the blend of Hinduism and Tibetan Buddhism. Durbar Square, Boudhanath Stupa, Patan Museum...everywhere exudes a strong historical atmosphere, making people feel like they have traveled through time and space and returned to the past.

Especially Durbar Square, this place known as the "open-air museum" brings together the history and culture of Nepal. Here, you can see exquisite wood carvings, ancient buildings, and feel the faith and enthusiasm of the Nepali people. Whenever night falls, the lights of the temple light up, making people feel a mysterious charm.

Survival and persistence of faith

In Nepal, we see people clinging to their beliefs and survival amidst chaos. They may be poor or distressed, but they never give up their love for life and their persistence in faith. In front of the Burning Corpse Temple, we witnessed the Nepalese people's awe and respect for life; in the streets and alleys, we felt the Nepalese people's enthusiasm and kindness.

It is this kind of persistence and love that makes Nepal shine with its unique glory amidst the chaos. It tells us: No matter how difficult life is, as long as you have faith and love, you can find your own happiness.

A travel experience beyond imagination

Our trip to Nepal gave us a travel experience that exceeded our imagination. Here, we feel the coexistence of chaos and tranquility, the blending of history and reality. We were shocked by the history and culture of Nepal, and moved by the tenacity and enthusiasm of the Nepali people.

A good trip is not only about seeing beautiful scenery, but also about gaining an experience beyond imagination. Our trip to Nepal gave us a more complete understanding of the world and made us cherish every moment in our lives more.

Finally, thank you Nepal for bringing us this unique experience. Let us take this touch and harvest with us and continue to move forward to explore more unknown worlds.

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