In 2024, I am unemployed at home and independently develop a design software full-time. How am I doing?


In 2024, I am unemployed and at home, and I independently develop a design software full-time. How is it going?

Hello everyone, my name is Owen. Today, I want to share a different experience with you. In 2024, I was unemployed and at home, but I did not choose to be idle. Instead, I decided to challenge myself and develop a design software on my own full time. So, how am I doing?

Challenges and opportunities coexist

In the early days of unemployment, I was indeed a little confused and anxious. But soon, I realized that this was a rare opportunity, an opportunity that would allow me to devote myself to software development. So, I started planning my design software, from market research to function positioning, from interface design to code writing, I devoted great enthusiasm and energy to every link.

Keep trying and optimizing

During the development process, I encountered countless problems and challenges. Sometimes, a seemingly simple function requires a lot of time to debug and optimize. But I didn't give up, but kept trying, modifying and optimizing. Every failure brings me closer to success, and every breakthrough makes me more confident.

Achievements and Harvests

After months of hard work, my design software is finally online. It contains many practical functions such as picture design, picture tools, and online PS, and all of them are free to use. Seeing the satisfied smiles of users when using my software makes me feel extremely proud and satisfied. At the same time, I also gained a lot of valuable experience and skills, which will become valuable assets in my future career.

Looking to the future

Now, my design software already has a certain user base and market share. In the future, I will continue to work hard to improve the functions and user experience of the software, and strive to make more users like my works. At the same time, I also hope to use this platform to communicate and learn with more developers and designers and make progress together.

In short, being unemployed at home is not terrible. What is terrible is losing confidence and courage. As long as we dare to challenge ourselves and try new things, we will surely be able to find our own piece of sky. Thank you all for your support and attention!

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