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The era of super individuals: How to become an independent developer and create your own products?

We live in an era of opportunities and challenges. Entrepreneurship, this brave choice, is placed in front of many people, showing two completely different directions: one is moving towards a large and complex corporate form, seeking listing and unlimited expansion; the other is pursuing simplification and Be efficient and become a "super individual" that does not require the support of a large workforce. Especially in the context of rapid advances in AI technology, the latter has shown unprecedented potential and charm.

Imagine that a project that once required an entire team can now be accomplished by just one person. You can be a solo developer, launching a practical App and earning stable income through membership subscriptions; or you can be a self-media person in the professional field, providing valuable paid content to a precise user group. In this era of "super individuals", everyone has the potential to become a creator and provider of products and services.

But how do you take the first step towards becoming an independent developer? First, you need to find the areas you are good at and the people you serve. This is the starting point for any successful project. Secondly, use this information to create a paid product that is truly yours. Don’t be afraid to start small. A small innovation can grow into a big tree with continuous hard work.

Of course, product promotion is equally important. Learn to use social media platforms, such as Douyin, Xiaohongshu, Bilibili, etc., to attract potential customers with carefully crafted content. Every piece of content should be a bait to guide readers towards your WeChat ecosystem. Here, you can interact with your fans more directly and convert them into paying customers. Remember, everyone who follows you could become a major customer, not just a casual consumer.

And along the way, you will never be alone. If you are eager to exchange experiences and collide ideas with more independent developers, then welcome to join our independent development community. Elites from all walks of life such as technology developers, product managers, and designers gather here to discuss key topics such as how to discover good ideas, build products, obtain traffic, and achieve monetization. Daily discussions in the community are not only a source of inspiration, but also a driving force for growth.

By joining the community, you will receive a valuable resource - the supporting benefits of the Little Newsboy column, namely the "Ideal Guide for Independent Developers". This column brings together the best discussions and successful cases in the community and is an essential reference for you on the road to independent development. At the same time, you will also have the opportunity to come into contact with the practical experience and independent product development of community founders, and learn valuable operational strategies and monetization wisdom from them.

Whether you are new to the independent development field or a veteran looking to expand your network and resources, this community will be a valuable asset to you. Join us now, move forward with like-minded partners, and welcome the glorious era of super individuals together!

Finally, if you have any questions about independent development or want to know more information, please feel free to contact me via WeChat OO2023. I look forward to sharing more thoughts and insights about independent development with you in the circle of friends!

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