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Revealing the Magic of AI: How to Easily Change the Background of Videos and Open a New Era of Creativity

With the rapid development of AI technology, an amazing change is quietly coming - through generative AI technology, we can easily change the background of videos, so that creativity is no longer limited by the physical environment. So, how to use this technology to add magical transformation effects to videos? Next, let us enter this magical world together.

1. The magical power of AI technology

Imagine you are shooting a video in your living room at home, but you want the background to be a sunny beach or a futuristic city full of technology. This may have been an unattainable dream in the past, but now, with the help of generative AI technology, it is within reach. With a few simple steps, you can incorporate any background you want into your video, allowing your creativity to extend endlessly.

Two or three steps to change the video background

1. Preparation

First, you need a fixed-position camera to ensure that the camera does not move during the shooting. Choose a relatively simple scene, preferably with a white or green wall as the background. In this way, AI will be more accurate and efficient when processing the background.

2. Use Photoshop for background processing

Import the captured video into your computer and capture a frame as a reference for background processing. In Photoshop, use the Free Transform tool to scale the background area to a suitable size and remove unnecessary elements such as tables, sockets, etc. Then, using generative AI technology, you can enter the background description you want, such as "blue studio" or "sea view villa", and AI will automatically generate a background image for you that matches your needs.

3. Video editing and background synthesis

Import the processed background image into video editing software (such as Cutout or Premiere) to synthesize it with the original video. In your editing software, adjust the scale and position of the background image so that it perfectly matches the original video. Finally, export the synthesized video and share it with your friends!

3. The secret behind it: how to ensure perfect fusion effect

Although generative AI technology can provide us with endless creative space, in order to achieve a perfect fusion effect, we need to pay attention to the following points:

1. Fixed camera settings

During the shooting process, ensure that the camera's exposure, ISO, white balance and other settings remain unchanged. This can avoid the impact of light changes on the generated background and ensure perfect integration of the video and the background.

2. Close windows and other external light sources

In order to maintain the stability of light brightness, it is recommended to close external light sources such as windows when shooting. This can avoid the impact of changes in external light sources on the generated background, making the picture more stable and realistic.

3. Precise focus

During the shooting process, make sure the camera is in focus and stable. This can avoid displacement and blurring between the captured image and the generated background, making the image clearer and smoother.

4. Conclusion: AI technology leads a new era of creativity

By using generative AI technology to change the background of videos, we can not only achieve unlimited extension of creativity, but also improve the efficiency and quality of video production. The emergence of this technology has undoubtedly brought more possibilities and opportunities to video creators. Let us embrace AI technology together and open a new era of creativity!

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