After I resigned, my independently developed product started to make profits within five days of being launched. How did I do it? Share my process (Part 2)


How can I make my product profitable within five days after quitting my job? ——Readme of an independent developer

Have you ever dreamed of quitting your job, developing a product yourself, and quickly making a profit? This may sound like fantasy, but not long ago, that’s exactly what I did. In just over a month after resigning, I developed the MVP (minimum viable product) version of RMATE7 and achieved profitability within five days of going online. Today, I will share this wonderful journey with you.

Positioning and audience analysis

Before starting, I clearly defined the product’s positioning and target audience. RMATE7 is a debugging tool developed specifically for Mac OS, aiming to simplify debugging operations during the development process. Obviously, my target audience is programmers who use Macs for backend development. After understanding this, I began to look for platforms where these programmers gathered for targeted promotion.

Simple and sincere promotion method

For the verification of the MVP version, I chose a simple and sincere promotion method. I made a short video that mainly showed the features of the product. There was no fancy music or graphics, just a real product demonstration. This down-to-earth approach actually won the favor of the target audience.

The power of social media

During the promotion process, I took full advantage of the power of social media. I first released the product information in VREX, a programmer community, and received enthusiastic feedback from everyone. At the same time, I also released product videos on video platforms such as Bilibili. The netizens on these platforms are very friendly and enthusiastic, and have given me a lot of support and encouragement.

Reflection and improvement of landing page

Although the effect of the landing page I tried for the first time was not ideal, it made me realize the importance of landing pages in promotion. A good landing page should contain key information such as product features and pricing to attract and retain potential customers. This is where I need to focus on learning and improving in the future.

Summary and Outlook

Through this experience of independent product development, I not only verified my product ideas, but also made many like-minded friends. Although I encountered many challenges along the way, it was these challenges that allowed me to continue to grow and improve. In the future, I will continue to share my learning experience and development experience, hoping to bring some inspiration and encouragement to you who also have dreams. At the same time, I will continue to optimize my products to meet the needs of more users. Naked words are not terrible. What is terrible is losing the courage and ability to pursue dreams. Let us work together and work hard to realize our dreams!

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