[Li Ziran said] Independent development, how to judge whether the idea is reliable?


When making products, is your IDEA reliable?

In the world of innovation, a reliable IDEA is the starting point for success. But how to judge whether your IDEA has potential?

First of all, we must understand that a good IDEA does not come out of thin air. It requires you to use intuition to discover and then use logic to prove it. The two are indispensable. Intuition comes from your in-depth understanding of the market and keen insight into user needs. And logic is the key to translating those intuitions into a workable business plan.

So, how do you develop this intuition and strengthen your logical proof?

  1. See more, learn more, think more <br /> Analyzing successful product cases and understanding how they meet user needs will help you develop your sensitivity to market trends.
  2. Answer Key Questions <br /> When coming up with an IDEA, try to answer the following questions: Where are your users? What problem did you solve? What is the solution you offer? What are the shortcomings of existing solutions on the market? What are the advantages of your solution?
  3. Logical deduction and project establishment <br /> Use BID (Business Idea Document) and other tools to conduct logical deduction to ensure the feasibility of the project. During the project establishment stage, key information such as the project’s goals, roadmap, advantages, competitive product analysis, and business model are clarified.
  4. Control the scope of innovation <br /> Innovation does not mean doing something completely new. On the contrary, moderate innovation (such as 20% new elements plus 80% mature elements) may be more conducive to product success. This way, you can maintain product stability while introducing enough novelty to attract users.
  5. Late-mover strategy <br />Observe the successful players in the market and analyze their success factors. If you believe you can do something better, then you might as well try to enter the market and compete with them.

In short, a reliable IDEA requires the perfect combination of intuition and logic. Through continuous learning and practice, you can gradually develop this ability to create impactful products. During this process, it is crucial to continually question, validate, and adjust your IDEA. Only in this way can you stand out in the fierce market competition and realize your innovation dreams.

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