Independent Development Monetization Weekly (Issue 128): An interactive Q&A tool earns $3 million in annual revenue


Revealing the myth of a $3 million-a-year startup: How does a Q&A tool change the rules of the game?

In this era of rapid digital development, how can a small interactive Q&A tool gain a foothold in the market and even earn an annual revenue of US$3 million? This is not a fantasy, but a real entrepreneurial story. Today, we will reveal the secret behind this entrepreneurial myth.

First, let's go back to the beginning of this story. The founder, josh hayne, is an entrepreneur with a non-technical background, but relied on his deep understanding of the connection between people to create a unique question and answer tool. This tool not only allows people to have short conversations, but also helps brands better understand customer needs and provide personalized experiences for customers.

So how did this idea come about? It turns out that josh hayne had this idea when he was in college. At that time, he discovered that there was no platform on the market that could produce Q&A, so he and his team decided to give it a try. Although they didn't make much money in the first six years of the company's existence and were even struggling to survive, they firmly believed in the potential of this product.

During the product development process, they place great emphasis on their relationship with their customers and their approach. By talking to a large number of customers and translating qualitative research into quantitative data, they found the features that most people wanted in common and built the initial product from there. This approach not only led to successful growth of the product but also earned them a large number of customers.

Of course, the road to entrepreneurship is not always smooth. In the process of launching the product, they also encountered many challenges. From initially looking for people who wanted to create Q&A, to reaching out directly to customers to sell products, to publishing tutorials on how to create different types of Q&A, they kept trying, iterating, and eventually found a way to attract and retain customers.

So, how do they make $3 million in annual revenue? The answer lies in their unique monetization strategy. They monetize their products through recurring subscriptions and create a large amount of valuable content to attract customers. In addition, they have partnered with thousands of creators and service providers to create a thriving ecosystem.

Finally, for those entrepreneurs who are just starting out, Josh Hayne also gave valuable advice: sell your ideas and products all the time; learn to sell products by doing; work with your customers and listen carefully to their needs. Feedback; be open to when your efforts don't work and be open to new opportunities.

This entrepreneurial story not only brings us enlightenment and inspiration, but also shows us how difficult and possible it is to start a business. A small question and answer tool can create such amazing business value, let alone other ideas and projects in our hands? Let us look forward to the birth of the next entrepreneurial myth!

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