Several recipes for generating business ideas


Revealed: How top entrepreneurs discover disruptive entrepreneurial ideas!

Have you ever dreamed of having a world-changing business idea? Wang Hao, an entrepreneur from YC Entrepreneurship University, shared his unique insights. So, how do ordinary people find those disruptive entrepreneurial ideas? Next, let us reveal the process together.

First of all, Wang Hao reminds us not to just focus on the market for ordinary consumers. Looking at the business world, especially those that are pressing problems that need to be solved, there may be huge business opportunities hidden there. He emphasized that starting from the areas you are good at is a proven and effective method. This includes not only your professional field, but also your life experience, internship experience, etc.

Imagine if you are a software engineer, creating some interesting projects in your spare time, maybe they contain the prototype of the next "postman" or "convert gate". These successful products began as independent development projects for software engineers and have now grown into companies with annual revenues of tens or even hundreds of millions.

In addition, Wang Hao mentioned that starting from the problems encountered by oneself is also a good starting point. For example, if you notice certain inconveniences or pain points in your daily life, chances are that other people are experiencing the same issues. Solving these problems may be your entrepreneurial opportunity.

Of course, it is also important to observe changes in the current situation. Today, the rise of artificial intelligence has brought us unprecedented opportunities. A large number of software applications require intelligence, which undoubtedly provides a broad stage for entrepreneurs.

Not only that, improving current success stories or consulting on problems encountered by others may also spark new entrepreneurial sparks. Wang Hao suggested that you choose a large enough field, communicate with more people in the field, and even chat with people who have started a business in the field. This may become a source of inspiration for you.

Finally, Wang Hao mentioned that if there is a problem in a large industry, then this may be an entrepreneurial opportunity to intervene and subvert it. But he also admitted that disruption is not easy. We should pay more attention to existing problems that have not yet been solved, target business users, and make them into SAAS products and sell them.

In short, discovering disruptive entrepreneurial ideas is not out of reach. Starting from the fields we are good at, combined with the problems we encounter every day and changes in the current situation, each of us may find the idea that changes the world. Now, it’s time to put down the video and start your entrepreneurial journey!

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