Main business product manager makes browser plug-ins as a side job, earning millions a year


Inspiration from a product manager whose main business is making browser plug-ins as a side job and making millions a year

In the busy urban life, many people are struggling to make a living, but there are also some people who, through their unique way of thinking and unremitting efforts, have opened up an unusual road to wealth. Today, we will talk about the story of a programmer who returned to a small city from a first-tier city and made millions a year by writing browser plug-ins.

Transformation from first-tier cities to small cities

Li Haoran, a product manager with a rich technical background, made a decision a few years ago: to leave the bustling first-tier cities and return to his hometown of Zhaoqing. Zhaoqing, a beautiful 5A-level scenic spot, is not only his hometown for Li Haoran, but also the starting point for realizing his dream.

The Road to Side Business: The Entrepreneurship Story of Browser Plugins

After returning to his hometown, Li Haoran did not choose a comfortable life. Instead, he used his technical advantages to start a side business. He focuses on writing browser plug-ins. This seemingly niche field has brought him huge returns. After a year of hard work, his plug-in income reached millions per year.

The secret behind success

So, how did Li Haoran do it? First, he keenly captured market demand. In the process of learning cross-border e-commerce, he discovered some plug-in opportunities that could make money. So he started to try it out, and through constant trial and error and improvement, he finally successfully launched his own plug-in product.

Secondly, Li Haoran attaches great importance to user experience and product quality. He knows that only products that truly meet user needs can gain market recognition. Therefore, he constantly optimizes plug-in functions and improves user experience, making his products stand out in the market.

Finally, Li Haoran is good at using social media and online platforms to promote his products. He has attracted a large number of users' attention by publishing tutorials and sharing experiences, and continues to expand his influence through word-of-mouth communication.

Inspiration for programmers

Li Haoran’s story has important enlightenment significance for programmers. First of all, we must maintain keen market insight and be good at capturing market needs and opportunities. Secondly, we must focus on product quality and user experience, and constantly improve our technical level and service capabilities. Finally, we must be good at using social media and online platforms to promote our products and technological achievements and expand our influence and popularity.


Li Haoran realized his dream of making one million a year by writing browser plug-ins. His story tells us: as long as you have dreams, determination, and actions, you will be able to achieve your goals. I hope that programmers can draw inspiration and motivation from Li Haoran’s story and continue to work hard for their careers and dreams!

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