How do programmers earn income other than salary?


How programmers start a side job: from sharing to product thinking

Hello everyone, today we will talk about a topic that programmers are very concerned about - how to find additional sources of income in addition to salary. As a programmer, have you ever thought about whether, in addition to your daily work, there are other ways to make better use of your skills, or even turn them into financial gains?

Share and open the door to a new world

First of all, I want to emphasize the importance of "sharing". Some people may say that this sounds simple, but it is not easy to achieve sustained and quality sharing. Sharing is not only to let others see your technical strength, but also a way to improve yourself and expand your network.

By sharing, you let the world see your value. When your shared content is seen and recognized by more people, you have the opportunity to connect with more like-minded people, resulting in new collaboration opportunities or money-making opportunities. At the same time, sharing is also a process of organizing your own knowledge structure. In this process, you can discover your own shortcomings and continue to learn and improve.

My personal experience is a good example. In the past few years, I have insisted on sharing my technical insights and experiences on Zhihu, Jianshu and other platforms. I didn’t expect much benefit at first, but as time went by, I found that these sharings brought me unexpected opportunities. Someone found me through my sharing and invited me to record courses, participate in project cooperation, etc., which all brought me extra income.

Product thinking makes your time more valuable

In addition to sharing, I would also like to emphasize the importance of “product thinking”. As programmers, we tend to focus too much on the technology itself and ignore the value of the product. But in reality, product thinking is the key to making our technology more valuable.

Product thinking requires us to not only focus on technical implementation, but also on user needs and experience. By deeply understanding our users, we can create products that better meet their needs, thereby attracting more users to pay for them. This way, our time is used more efficiently because our products create value for more people.

A good example is a friend of mine. He developed a product called "Micro" for searching, downloading and analyzing WeChat articles. Although this product is not technically difficult, it has been widely used and recognized because it meets the needs of new media people. Now he has made a decent amount of money selling this product.

Establish a framework for doing things and improve efficiency

Finally, what I want to share is the importance of "building a framework for doing things." When we are faced with complex work or projects, a clear framework can help us advance our work in a more organized manner and improve efficiency.

First, we need to clarify our goals and needs, and then establish a corresponding framework around these goals and needs. This framework can include task decomposition, time planning, resource allocation, etc. Through a clear framework, we can advance our work in a more targeted manner and avoid blindness and confusion.

At the same time, we must also learn to use instrumental thinking and cooperative thinking to improve efficiency. Instead of trying to do it all yourself, learn to use outside resources and forces to get things done. For example, when we encounter front-end problems, we can find professional front-end developers to cooperate; when we need to quickly master new technologies, we can refer to existing open source projects or tutorials to accelerate the learning process.


Through sharing, product thinking and establishing a framework for doing things, programmers can find more sources of income besides salary. Of course, these methods are not achieved overnight and require continuous efforts and learning. But as long as we persevere and keep exploring and trying new possibilities, we will definitely be able to find our own side hustle!

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