The Entrepreneurial Journey of a Lone Ranger: The story behind earning more than $40,000 a year


A year ago, Rafal Zawadzki gave up his position as chief technology officer at Lex and began his journey as a lone ranger. With a little savings and strong determination, he embarked on a quest to subvert his world. This year he tried at least 10 products, launching one of them called Chatwith and launching it on AppSumo. Another of his products, Gobble Bot, became popular online. He almost gave up plug-in surfing, but with the emergence of OpenAI's GPT, he made a comeback in the form of a GPT directory and benefited from it.

He tried a lot of products and made more mistakes, but more than ten years of experience in building software gave him a lot of patience. He has learned countless skills in email marketing, keyword research, Google Ads, video production, cold emails, automation, copywriting, sales, and more, not to mention technical skills. In the first year, his total income reached $48,919.17, far exceeding his original goal of earning $1 on the Internet.

Now, all of his revenue (including all apps, monthly recurring revenue, AppSumo, etc.) is retained in his holding company and focused on growth. In the process, he also actively invested in advertising (such as Google search) and outsourced some work. Although this meant he was still living off his savings, he felt there was no time to waste: his mind was full of ideas and the technological landscape was changing rapidly.

His current goal: to continue to be independent and do what he loves: making cool products. Now, every day as an independent maker is a goal and challenge in itself. He hopes to continue doing this, whether it is 1 year, 5 years, or 10 years, but his tactical horizon is very short: only 2-4 months. Plan enough for SEO and one or two products, and leave room for the flexibility brought by the dynamic AI technology landscape.

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