Oh my god, independent development can actually play like this. It really subverts the knowledge of front-end newbies!


Subvert cognition! Have you got the new independently developed gameplay?

do you know? The world of indie development is undergoing a transformation. In the past, front-end developers needed to spend a lot of time and energy writing every detail, including basic functions such as login pages. But now, there is a brand new solution that makes people’s eyes shine!

Imagine that you can complete the entire user login and registration process with just a few clicks. This is not science fiction, this is reality. Recently, a third-party login library called KK has become popular in the developer community. Using KK, developers only need to write a few lines of code to easily access third-party login services for 24 applications. Yes, you heard it right, it’s that simple!

So, what is the magic of this KK library? Let’s find out together.

First of all, the KK library saves developers from the cumbersome third-party service authorization process. In the past, dealing with these processes often caused headaches for developers. But now, with the KK library, it's all a piece of cake.

Secondly, KK library also provides real-time website registration volume and login volume viewing function. Not only can you see each user's login information, but you can also easily manage users, such as blocking or deleting specified users. In the past, such a function might have required developers to build it from scratch, but now it has been integrated into the KK library.

In order to demonstrate the use of the KK library more intuitively, we take an open source front-end project-NGA red envelope generator as an example. Just follow the official documentation of the KK library and complete six simple steps to connect your project to a powerful login function. These six steps include installing necessary libraries, configuring environment variables, injecting components, using middleware, etc. After completing these steps, your project will be able to enjoy the convenience brought by the KK library.

Of course, you may be curious about the implementation principle behind this library. In fact, when the user logs in successfully, the KK library will return a user token and store it in the cookie. When the interface is subsequently called, the browser will automatically pass this cookie to the backend. The backend then requests the user's login information from the KK library through this cookie. In this way, developers can focus more on writing their own business code.

In addition to KK library, manufacturers such as OBZERO and surgery base also provide similar services. These services make front-end development more efficient and convenient. Today's front-end development is really stretched to the extreme!

All in all, the world of indie development is undergoing an unprecedented transformation. If you're still stuck in the tedious development processes of the past, now is a good time to keep up with the times. Come and try these new development tools! I believe you will fall in love with this efficient and convenient development experience!

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