I haven’t had a job in three years, why do I never worry about money?


After three years without a job, why have I never worried about money?

Have you ever had this question: How does a person make ends meet or even live a carefree life when he has not worked for three years? Today, I will share my experiences and thoughts on a seemingly contradictory but actually profound topic - money and security.

Is money really the only source of security?

"Aren't you worried about money?" This is a question I am often asked when traveling and socializing. I smiled and replied, "No, I never worry." This is not because I have endless wealth, but because I believe that financial security comes from more than just how much money we make.

Interestingly, in my conversations with friends, I found that people who have stable jobs tend to worry more about money. And those who, like me, have no fixed source of income, tend to be more calm. This prompted me to think deeply: What is the essence of financial security?

The psychological game of money security

The truth is, financial security is a psychological game. We often fall into the misunderstanding that only having more money can bring security. However, when we take a closer look at those who truly feel secure, we see that they do not necessarily have the most money.

Often times, we worry about money because we think we don’t have enough. We worry about the uncertainty of the future and our inability to cope with possible risks. However, this worry often stems from our overdependence and misunderstanding of money.

security beyond money

In my opinion, real security comes from the love of life and the affirmation of self. When we have good health, a place to live, good food, and close friends, we already have enough resources to cope with life's challenges.

In addition, it is also very important to maintain a positive attitude and optimistic attitude. When we believe we can overcome obstacles and achieve our goals, we feel more secure and confident.

How to develop a sense of security beyond money?

  1. Cherish existing resources : Learn to be grateful and appreciate everything you have. When we realize that we already have enough resources to cope with life, we worry less.
  2. Pay attention to your inner needs : Don’t over-pursue material wealth and neglect your inner needs. Paying attention to the development of our hobbies, relationships, and spiritual growth can make us more fulfilled and satisfied.
  3. Maintain a positive attitude : Face the challenges and difficulties in life positively and believe in your ability to overcome them. When we have a positive attitude, we will face the future with more confidence and optimism.
  4. Establish a healthy lifestyle : Maintaining healthy eating, exercise and sleeping habits can help us have a better physical and mental state. This will help us deal with life's challenges more calmly.


In my opinion, money is not the only source of security. When we learn to cherish the resources we have, pay attention to our inner needs, maintain a positive attitude, and establish a healthy lifestyle, we can have a true sense of security.

Finally, what I want to say is: No matter whether you have a stable job or a good income, please don't worry too much about money. Instead, we should focus on our inner needs and growth, and pursue a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

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