Entrepreneurship Story: Earned 2.5 million by selling digital products


From selling digital products to earning 100,000 a month, what is his secret to success?

Have you ever dreamed of achieving financial freedom through your skills and knowledge? Recently, a video about Wang Hao has caused heated discussion on the Internet. He told how he achieved a monthly income of more than 100,000 yuan by selling digital products, and even made 2.5 million yuan. How is this done? Let’s find out together.

First, we need to clarify what digital products are. Simply put, products that can be used on electronic devices can be called digital products. This includes but is not limited to slides, spreadsheets, note templates, photos, video courses, small icon illustrations, developed small programs, etc. These products have the characteristics of low creation threshold, low cost but high potential value.

Wang Hao specifically mentioned a successful case in the video: someone achieved an income of hundreds of thousands per month by producing and selling Notion note templates. Notion is a powerful note-taking application. Users can design page functions according to their needs to form a systematic solution. This creator achieved a staggering amount of revenue by just making two templates—one targeted at personal productivity and another designed specifically for content creators.

So, what is the key to success? In addition to the quality and value of the product itself, distribution channels are also crucial. Wang Hao emphasized that social media is a very effective promotion platform. By regularly publishing product-related tutorials, usage tips, and other videos, you can attract a large number of potential users. Then, convert the traffic into actual sales by providing free product trials and links to purchase.

In addition, Wang Hao also shared his own experience. He plans to move his many years of technical videos and content to Bilibili to attract more users to pay attention to his official account. At the same time, he also launched his own digital product-Independent Developer Training Camp, which provides high-quality teaching resources for people who want to learn programming and software development.

Overall, the secret to success is to find what you are good at, create valuable digital products, and promote them through effective distribution channels. If you have similar dreams and talents, you might as well try this path! Maybe you will be the next one to succeed.

Finally, if you are interested in Wang Hao’s experience, or want to become an independent developer but don’t know where to start, you are welcome to join his WeChat communication group. Here, you can communicate, learn, and make progress together with like-minded people, and realize your dreams of freedom of wealth and freedom of work as soon as possible.

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