Independent Development Monetization Weekly (Issue 137): Annual income from online writing courses is US$300,000


From unemployment to annual income of 300,000: A freelance writer’s counterattack

Have you ever dreamed of making a living from home and enjoying the fun of freelancing? JORDAN MACHELLE did it, and her annual income is as high as $300,000. It all started with her online writing course. Today, let us walk into her story and see how she achieved this feat step by step.

JORDAN was just an ordinary freelance writer at first, but the plight of unemployment forced her to find a new way out. With no college degree and little experience, she started her own freelance writing business with a sense of determination and determination. After just four months, her monthly income reached $5,000. This was not only a turning point in her career, but also a new starting point in her life.

However, JORDAN didn't stop there. She realized that many beginners were just as confused and helpless as she was. So, she decided to create her own blog and YOUTUBE channel - Writing Revolt, to help more people embark on the road of freelance writing. Through constant trial and exploration, she summed up a unique marketing and cold email process, and shared these valuable experiences with her students.

One of her most popular courses is "Killer Codemailing," which has taught countless beginners how to build their own freelance writing business from scratch. Students not only learned how to market their work, but also developed a marketing plan that ensures long-term success. All of this is inseparable from JORDAN's careful guidance and selfless dedication.

Of course, there is also countless hard work behind success. In order to launch its first product, JORDAN invested a lot of time and energy. She not only has to focus on course production and promotion, but also maintains close interaction with students to ensure that they can truly learn useful knowledge. This kind of passion and professionalism for work is deeply admirable.

Today, JORDAN has established a huge online community, helping thousands of writers realize their dream life. Her success is not only a personal glory, but also an inspiration and motivation to all those who pursue their dreams.

So, what advice does JORDAN have for other entrepreneurs who want to start or are just starting a business? She encourages everyone to have the courage to try, not to be afraid of failure, and to regard failure as an inevitable step on the road to success. Only if you dare to take the first step can you be successful.

JORDAN’s story tells us: As long as we have dreams, courage, and perseverance, everyone can achieve their own counterattack. No matter what kind of predicament you are in now, never give up your pursuit and efforts for a better life. Because as long as you are willing to put in the hard work and sweat, one day you will stand on the pinnacle of success like JORDAN!

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