Hiking on the ACT in Nepal, the altitude sickness was so severe that I finished climbing the highest snow mountain in tears.


Hiking the Nepal ACT: A journey that challenges your limits

Have you ever dreamed of embarking on a journey that challenges yourself and exceeds your limits? Today, what I want to share is my personal experience of hiking the ACT in Nepal. It was an adventure full of hardships and tears, and it was also a profound spiritual baptism.

From the moment we set foot in Nepal, we knew this would be an unusual trip. The ACT hiking route is famous for its steep hills and harsh natural environment, but we embarked on this journey resolutely.

In the first few days, although we were a little tired, we were able to persevere. However, as the altitude gradually increased, altitude sickness began to bother us. Headaches, nausea, difficulty breathing...these symptoms make us suffer. Especially when climbing to an altitude of more than 4,000 meters, the symptoms of altitude sickness become more severe.

I remember one night, lying in a simple hotel at an altitude of 4,800 meters, I felt every cell in my body trembling. At that moment, I even had the idea of ​​giving up. But when I saw my teammates around me holding on silently, I knew I couldn't back down.

During this journey, we have experienced countless difficulties. Toothache, vomiting, falling... Every setback makes us stronger. And when we finally climbed to the highest pass, all the hardships turned into tears of excitement.

Standing on the top of the mountain, overlooking the mountains below, I felt an unprecedented shock. At that moment, I seemed to be one with the whole world and felt the magnificence and mystery of nature.

This experience of hiking the ACT in Nepal made me deeply appreciate the tenacity and tenacity of life. When facing difficulties, as long as we face them bravely and persevere, we will be able to overcome all challenges.

Looking back now, every moment of that journey is vivid in my mind. Those teammates who once fought side by side, those setbacks and difficulties that once made us burst into tears have become the most precious wealth in our lives.

If you also have a heart that is brave enough to explore, then you might as well embark on a hiking trip of your own! Feel the charm of nature, challenge your limits, and gain an unforgettable life experience!

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