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Weekly hot spots to monetize small products and explore the boundaries of innovation

In the wave of the digital age, new hot products emerge every week. They may be small, but they contain huge commercial value. Today, let us enter the world of these hot monetization products and see how they change our lives through innovation.

1. 1video: Let the pictures “speak”

First of all, we have to mention "1video" - a magical project that lets pictures "speak". This is not only a simple technology display, but also an open source AI code library, which gives pictures new vitality. Imagine those static images suddenly come to life, telling the stories behind them, which undoubtedly provides endless creative space for content creators.

2. Animal states: the charm of data animation

While we were still amazed by the creativity of “1video”, another product “animal states” attracted our attention with its unique charm. It turns boring statistics into engaging animated GIF videos. In this era of information explosion, how to attract users' attention has become a question that every content creator needs to think about. "Animal states" is a powerful tool to solve this problem. It makes the data vivid and interesting, and improves user participation and stickiness.

3. type mind: Optimizing the user experience of ChatGPT

In addition to the above two products, there is another project worthy of our attention - "type mind". It is not a traditional AI ChatGPT product, but a UI library focused on optimizing the ChatGPT user interface. This entry point is quite unique and has achieved amazing commercial success. According to reports, its monthly income has reached an astonishing $500,000. This is enough to prove that in the field of AI, in addition to the technology itself, user experience is equally important.

4. TTOS: A matrix of peripheral tools focused on TIKTOK

Of course, what we cannot ignore is the matrix of tools that focus on specific platforms. For example, "TTOS", this independent developer mainly focuses on the development of peripheral tools for TIKTOK. From downloading TIKTOK videos, to sharing personal homepage data, to customizing comments and generating text from video voice, TTOS provides a series of practical tools to help users take their TIKTOK experience to a new level. . It is worth mentioning that one of the products achieved revenue of more than 100,000 US dollars in just six months, which is enough to prove its commercial value and market potential.

5. Summary and Outlook

In this era of innovation and change, every small product has the potential to become the next big hit. They may seem insignificant, but they contain tremendous power. As advocated by "EASB", it is easier to monetize small products and fully reflect the value of innovation.

Looking back at this week’s hot monetization products, we can’t help but marvel at the power of technology and human creativity. These products not only enrich our lives, but also bring us endless business opportunities. In the future, we look forward to seeing more innovative products like this emerging to continue to promote social progress and development.

See you in the next weekly issue and let’s explore more innovative boundaries together!

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