New milestone 🎉 A simple resume of independently developed works can earn a monthly income of 4,000 yuan


Milestone for independent developers: monthly income exceeds 4,000 yuan

Hello everyone, I am Zhang Xuan, the founder of Simple Resume. Today, I want to share some good news with you: my small product, Simple Resume, has recently reached a new milestone - the monthly income has exceeded 4,000 yuan. Although this number is not large, it means a lot to me.

From the first 300 users to the current results, every step is full of challenges and rewards. Every iteration of the product and every user feedback makes me more firmly believe that as long as you work hard, someone will always see your efforts.

In this process, I also learned a lot. For example, I found that my products had obvious seasonal trends that were closely related to the job search cycle. This gave me a deeper understanding of market needs and product positioning. At the same time, I also tried various marketing methods, such as improving the website’s exposure through SEO optimization, which also achieved good results.

In addition to the progress of the product itself, I have also received a lot of recognition and support from users. For example, we gave away 100 free student discounts, and I was very pleased to see the students benefiting from this. There are also users who found new jobs because of using our products, and the thank-you letters they sent me also made me feel deeply of my own value.

During this process, I also have some insights that I want to share with you. First of all, the most important thing is to do what you love. Only love can keep you going when you encounter difficulties. Secondly, don’t be led by the so-called authority. Everyone has their own rhythm and way, and finding the path that suits you is the most important thing.

Finally, I would like to say that this milestone is just the beginning. In the future, I will continue to work hard to make Simple Resume better and help more people. Thank you all for your continued support and attention!

In addition, I also want to recommend a book to everyone, "Elements of Mathematics". This book completely overturns the old mathematics education method, using pictures and texts to present the idea of ​​combining numbers and shapes, and also has Python code implementation. This book is a good choice for friends who want to review basic mathematical knowledge points and connect them.

Back to our topic, the road to independent development is full of unknowns and challenges, but it is this unknown that makes me find it very interesting. Every breakthrough made me believe more firmly in my choice. I hope my sharing can bring some inspiration and encouragement to you who also have dreams. thank you all!

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