[Xiaoyi] I regret it! I came across this book after renting an apartment in Shanghai for 8 years


A new chapter in renting life: starting from eight square meters, explore the extraordinary life in big cities

Have you ever been willing to bear the high rent and the pressure of life in order to have a place in a big city? However, when you are trapped in this heaviness, have you ever longed to find a lighter and freer way of life? Today, I will take you into a new perspective, starting with the true story of a man who completely changed his life because of a book after renting an apartment in Shanghai for 8 years.

Enlightenment from eight square meters: small space, big life

In prosperous Shanghai, Xiaoyi has rented a house for eight years, but has never really felt the charm of this city. Until she encountered the book - "Eight Square Meters in Tokyo". This book shares the life experience of sharing an eight-square-meter house in the center of Tokyo, as well as a new lifestyle and consumption outlook. Xiaoyi was deeply attracted by the stories in the book, and she began to reflect on her own life. Can she also live a freer and more fulfilling life with less money like in the book?

Rent and Freedom: Redefining the Value of Life

In "Eight Square Meters in Tokyo", the author chose to share a house of eight square meters. Although the room did not have a refrigerator, a washing machine and an independent bathroom, her quality of life did not decrease. On the contrary, because the rent is low, she has more time and money to enjoy life, such as going to exhibitions, movies, and delicious food. This made Xiaoyi realize that the level of rent does not directly determine the quality of life, but how we use these resources and how to balance the relationship between life and work.

Break the constraints: get out of the small house and embrace the big world

In Xiaoyi's story, she once worked hard to buy a house, but in the end she found that she didn't like the life of being restricted by a mortgage. She began to try to change her lifestyle and rented a house that was far below her income, giving herself more freedom and space to explore the world. She discovered that big cities are not indifferent. As long as you communicate with your heart, you can meet all kinds of interesting people and things. She met the owner of a tea shop who is known as a walking dictionary, the owner of a coffee shop who is still humorous and sharp at the age of 90, the owner of a hardworking and thrifty soba noodle shop, etc. These people make her life more colorful.

Alternatives to the Mainstream: Pursuing Inner Peace and Freedom

In the mainstream life where most people pursue buying houses, cars, promotions and salary increases, Xiaoyi chose another lifestyle. She was no longer obsessed with having more material wealth, but began to pursue inner peace and freedom. She discovered that when she was no longer bound by her house, she could explore the world more freely and experience beautiful things that once felt out of reach. This lifestyle makes her happier and more content.

Conclusion: Life can be so easy and unrestrained

Xiaoyi's story tells us that there are many choices in life. We don’t have to be constrained by the mainstream outlook on life, but can bravely pursue what we really want in our hearts. Maybe you will choose to continue struggling in a big city, but you can also try to change your lifestyle to make yourself more relaxed and free. Just like Xiaoyi, start from eight square meters and explore the extraordinary life in the big city!

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