After watching all of Zhou Hongyi’s videos, I came to a conclusion


Zhou Hongyi’s video inspiration: new opportunities and challenges for independent developers

After watching all of Zhou Hongyi's videos, I was deeply inspired. As an independent developer, I smell new opportunities and feel unprecedented challenges. Zhou Hongyi's point of view is clear. The era of large models has arrived, and how should we, independent developers, find our place in this new era?

First, Zhou Hongyi emphasized the importance of large models, comparing them to industrial revolution-level opportunities. Large manufacturers can invest heavily in the development of large general models, and we independent developers can use these large models to solve users' actual problems. This allows me to see the advantages of being an independent developer: flexibility and quick response to market needs. We can combine actual application scenarios and build intelligent applications based on large model engines to provide users with more efficient and convenient solutions.

However, Zhou Hongyi also reminded us that we cannot just do simple shelling, otherwise we will easily be eliminated by the market. Large models are like the engine of a car. We need to use this engine to build different cars, that is, to create diverse intelligent applications. This undoubtedly places higher demands on the innovation capabilities of our independent developers.

Among the many videos, there was one about special actions for digital empowerment of small and medium-sized enterprises, which made me feel the huge market potential. The digital transformation and intelligent transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises are not only national policy guidance, but also an inevitable trend of market development. We can help small and medium-sized enterprises improve production efficiency, reduce costs and achieve digital transformation. And this process is the stage for our independent developers to show their talents and realize their value.

How to achieve digital transformation of small and medium-sized enterprises specifically? Zhou Hongyi gave a way to break the situation: turn the digital software and hardware used for large enterprises into online services, so that small and medium-sized enterprises can enjoy digital services with a low threshold through browsers and computers. This is the advantage of SAAS software, which allows small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve digital transformation at a lower cost. For us independent developers, the subscription model of SAAS software can also bring continuous and stable income.

What excites me even more is that the penetration rate of SAAS software in China is still very low, which means that it has huge room for growth. In addition, we can also consider copying domestic business overseas to further expand the market. For example, some teams have achieved success in the domestic market and expanded their business overseas, achieving considerable revenue.

In short, Zhou Hongyi’s videos pointed the way for me and allowed me to see the infinite possibilities of being an independent developer in the new era. We will embrace the era of big models, be bold in innovation, help small and medium-sized enterprises digitally transform, and jointly embrace a better future. In this process, we can not only realize our own value, but also contribute to the development of society.

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