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Li Ziran said: A new chapter for Chinese independent developers to go overseas

In the wave of the Internet, China's independent developers have been exploring their own path. Recently, Li Ziziran, a well-known self-media personality, put forward his unique insights into China’s independent developers going overseas in a public discussion, which attracted widespread attention. Today, we will delve into Li Ziran’s point of view and see how Chinese independent developers find their place in the tide of globalization.

Thoughts behind the line

In a recent online discussion, Li Ziran had a conversation with a big V about certain phenomena on Product Hunt (a product recommendation and ranking platform). Although the discussion itself caused a lot of controversy, Li Ziran saw more of the difficulties and challenges faced by Chinese independent developers going overseas. He believes that the listing phenomenon on Product Hunt is not unique to China, but a common phenomenon worldwide. However, what this reflects is the reality of unfair treatment and lack of influence faced by Chinese independent developers in overseas markets.

The collision between entrepreneurial ideals and reality

Li Ziran pointed out that entrepreneurship is not an ideal process. On a platform like Product Hunt, no matter how good your product is, if you don’t have enough influence and fan base, it will be difficult to get enough exposure and votes. Overseas big Vs and influential Twitter users can often easily bring a large number of votes to their products, thus occupying the top of the list. This unfair phenomenon makes it particularly difficult for Chinese independent developers to compete in overseas markets.

The accumulation of unity and influence

Faced with this dilemma, Li Ziran proposed a solution: unite and accumulate overseas influence. He hopes that by establishing a community of high-quality accounts, China's independent developers can help each other and speak out together. This will not only increase the exposure of Chinese developers in overseas markets, but also allow them to better integrate into the mainstream Western developer circle and gain more cooperation and investment opportunities.

Open up overseas channels and become a pioneer

In addition to building a community, Li Ziran also plans to explore overseas channels through his own team and open up connections with overseas markets. He hopes to gradually open the door to overseas markets by speaking out on mainstream American social media, building a local team and finding partners. He hopes that through his own efforts, he will become a pioneer who can carry the banner of Chinese independent developers going overseas and pave the way for those who come after him.

Adhere to ethical standards and promote positive products

While pursuing success in overseas markets, Li Ziran also emphasized the importance of adhering to ethical standards. He said that he would only promote positive products that make the world a better place and make users better people. He hopes that in this way, the image of Chinese independent developers will be more positive and respected.

Conclusion: Meet the challenges and create the future together

In today's globalized world, Chinese independent developers face unprecedented opportunities and challenges. By uniting together, accumulating influence, opening up overseas channels, and adhering to ethical standards, we have reason to believe that Chinese independent developers will be able to carve out a world of their own in overseas markets. Let us look forward to this day together!

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