Revealing the secrets of AI masters: How to build intelligent assistants with Python and TensorFlow



As a senior male developer, my background as an artificial intelligence researcher gives me unique insights into the AI ​​industry. Next, I will share how I use Python and TensorFlow to build an intelligent assistant in order to provide users with a more personalized service experience.

My AI assistant development journey

Six months ago, when my product revenue was only $350, I was confused and frustrated. I posted my confusion on Reddit hoping to get help from the community. Although my page was criticized mercilessly, I learned valuable lessons from it.

1. All feedback is valuable

Whether positive or critical, every piece of feedback provides directions for product improvement.

2. Critical feedback is like a mirror

It directly points out the problem and prompts you to face up to the shortcomings.

3. When most people point out the same problem, it really is a problem that needs to be solved

At this time, we need to start thinking about solutions.

4. Look for feedback that both identifies problems and provides solutions

Positive feedback will help us improve the product more accurately.

5. Help sometimes comes in unexpected ways

As Dumbledore said in Harry Potter: "As long as you light the light."

Through this experience, I realized that even though the website construction encountered setbacks, it also gained huge traffic and eventually converted into registered users. Although the numbers are small, this is already a positive shift from a different perspective.

Finally, I hope to push my AI assistant project to success through continuous exploration and learning. For those of you who are also struggling on this road, I hope my experience can inspire you.


On the path of artificial intelligence exploration, every failure is a step toward success. As an independent developer, I value every communication and feedback from the community, and I hope my story can inspire more friends who love AI. Let us work together, not only for monetary gains, but also for technological progress and self-growth.

(The above content is just a case sharing, not a real incident.)

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