Independent Development Monetization Weekly (Issue 70): Taking NotionForm’s monthly income from 0 to $10,000 in one year


From Zero to One: The Rise of Notion Forms and My Entrepreneurial Journey

When you have an idea and decide to turn it into a reality, you face countless challenges. My name is Jolie Nh and I am the founder of Notion Forms. I've been running this Notion-based form builder on my own for the past year and recently hit the $10,000 monthly recurring revenue milestone. This is my story, a story of resilience, learning, and trying.

It all started on May 13, 2021, when Notion released his API. As a developer, I immediately recognized the opportunity to create tools and products related to this. I found Notion's database to be very similar to others and reminded me of the form functionality. I decided to build a minimum viable product (MVP) and quickly whipped up a simple yet fully functional form editor.

However, when I shared my work on social media, I didn’t get the enthusiastic response I expected. I realized that acquiring the first users is always the hardest. I started sharing my project in various Notion communities and gradually gained some early users. This process is difficult, but every feedback makes me feel extremely inspired.

During this process, I received an offer to purchase my project for $6,000. I hesitated, but ultimately decided not to sell. I know that if I fail, I won't regret trying, but I may regret not continuing.

After a few months, I think the product is more stable and already has some more advanced features. I decided to launch a paid plan, priced at $15. This price is much lower than the market average, but I think it is a reasonable price to allow more people to try my product.

Over the past year, I have barely tried any paid marketing channels, yet my traffic has been growing almost every month. This is mainly due to word-of-mouth spread of the product and exposure in Google search results. Today, Notion Forms' page has been clicked more than 43,000 times, and more than 336,000 people have visited the site.

Looking back on the past year, I feel extremely proud and grateful. I started with an idea and continued to learn, experiment, and improve until I ended up creating a product that helped people and made a decent amount of money. I would like to thank everyone who has supported me, especially my girlfriend and parents who have always been there for me to encourage and support me.

Finally, I would like to say that life is short, so take risks. If you have an idea, don't be afraid to pursue it. You may face difficulties and challenges, but as long as you persist, it is possible to achieve your dreams. Please like and follow, support is my motivation for continuous updates. See you next week!

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