Independent Development Monetization Weekly (Issue 69): Speech transcription browser extension, achieving 20 times growth in one year


The Rise of the Speech Transcription Browser Extension: A Story of 20x Growth in One Year

Have you ever thought that a small browser extension can achieve 20 times growth in just one year? That’s the story we’re going to tell today—a legend about how the speech transcription browser extension started from scratch and gradually became a market leader.

The protagonist of this story is Nick, a 35-year-old Sydney man. He and his team created a browser extension called Tactic that can transcribe remote meetings, extract key insights, and create notes for users. In this era of increasingly popular remote work, the emergence of Tactic has undoubtedly solved the pain points of many people.

From observation to innovation

Nick and his team observed that meeting effectiveness is highly correlated with the amount of information captured during the meeting. They realize that if they can make full use of meeting content, they will greatly improve their work efficiency. Initially, they thought a simple transcription tool might be the solution. But digging deeper, they discovered that real-time transcription was just the tip of the iceberg. In addition to capturing key information, teams also need to extract important details and insights from meetings.

From idea to product

After coming up with this idea, Nick and his team did not rush, but followed the tested MVP (minimum viable product) method. They took it upon themselves to create an MVP and publish it to the Google Chrome Store. Through soft promotion through free digital channels such as Quora, Tactic attracted 10,000 users within a few months.

Overcome psychological barriers and bravely launch into the market

For Nick and his team, the biggest challenge is not to optimize the product, but to muster the courage to bring it to market and get public feedback as quickly as possible. They must overcome the inherent desire to spend months on UI and design to get the product out as quickly as possible. Eventually, they worked up the courage and hit the publish button.

Marketing strategy and user growth

For the first few months, Nick and his team didn't invest any money in marketing. They spent hours manually responding to questions on Twitter, trying to answer all the questions about saving subtitles, needing to transcribe from Google Meet, or meeting remotely. These strategies attracted their first 10,000 users. Since then, Tactic has grown to 190,000 users, achieving product-led growth and word-of-mouth.

Future goals and challenges

In the past year, Tactic's business has grown 20 times year-on-year, its team size has expanded to seven people, and its revenue has achieved a 20% month-on-month growth. They are currently recruiting and expanding their team, and plan to raise a seed round of financing, hoping to reach a target of $1.5 million in the first round of financing. Nick and his team are full of confidence and expectations for the future.

learn from mistakes

Of course, the road to growth is also full of challenges and mistakes. Nick mentioned that they had tried a new growth strategy but were not prepared for possible issues with the product. This attempt made them aware of the need to test these unexpected results in a controlled manner to ensure product stability and user experience.


The story of Tactic has brought us many inspirations: from observing life, discovering problems to innovative solutions; from bravely launching to the market to continuously optimizing products; learning from mistakes and continuing to grow. This is an entrepreneurial story full of passion and courage, and a vivid case of how to use technology to change the world. Let us look forward to Tactic creating more brilliance in the future!

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