How do ordinary people build a "personal brand"?


How do ordinary people build their own "personal brand"?

In this era of information explosion, everyone is a potential "brand". Have you ever wondered why some people stand out among so many voices while others remain unknown? The answer lies in “personal branding”. So, what is a personal brand? How does it help our careers? More importantly, as ordinary people, how can we build our own personal brand?

1. The magic of personal branding

Personal brand is not just a label or an image, it is a comprehensive reflection of your professional skills, personality characteristics and values. A good personal brand can bring you endless opportunities, such as more job options, a wider network of contacts, and even the ability to influence and change the environment around you.

2. How does personal branding work?

Taking my own experience as an example, from resignation to entrepreneurship, personal brand plays an indispensable role at every key node. It’s helped me find remote work opportunities, attract clients, and even made it easy for me to find like-minded team members. More importantly, when I decided to switch careers and enter the field of AI and Web3, my personal brand became a strong support for me on my new journey.

3. The secret to building a personal brand

So, as ordinary people, how do we build our own personal brand? First, you need to clearly position your brand and clarify the message and values ​​you want to convey. Secondly, build a solid brand framework, which includes your professional skills, personal image, social media and other aspects. Finally, continue to share valuable content and show your work results and thinking, thereby attracting more people’s attention and recognition.


Personal branding is not something that can be accomplished in a day, it requires our continuous investment and efforts. But as long as you persist and constantly adjust and optimize your brand strategy, I believe you can enjoy the benefits of personal branding like me. Take action now and make your personal brand a powerful booster for your career!

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