How to use kimi to summarize Feishu links


Revealing the secret of KIMIKIE: your Feishu link summary magic tool!

Have you ever worried about quickly understanding the content of a Feishu link? In the era of information explosion, we often need to quickly capture key points in massive amounts of information. Today, I want to reveal to you a browser plug-in called KIMIKIE, which uses AI technology to help you summarize Feishu links with one click!

You may be curious, what exactly is KIMIKIE? To put it simply, it is like an intelligent assistant that can extract the core information from Feishu links for you in an instant. Imagine that when you click on a Feishu link, you no longer need to read it word for word, but can directly view the concise summary generated by KIMIKIE for you. What an efficient and convenient experience it will be!

So, how to use KIMIKIE? It's actually very simple. You only need to install this plug-in in your browser. When you browse Feishu links, click the plug-in icon, and KIMIKIE will immediately generate a refined content summary for you. In this way, you can quickly understand the gist and key information of the link in a short time.

In addition to KIMIKIE, there is also a plug-in called KIMI Reading Assistant that has also attracted much attention. Although it cannot directly summarize Feishu links, it can also provide you with great convenience when reading other web content.

Now, let's get back to KIMIKIE. This plug-in not only improves reading efficiency, but also saves us a lot of time in our fast-paced life. Whether you are a student, a working professional or a researcher, you can benefit from it. Especially for people who need to frequently browse and organize large amounts of information, KIMIKIE is undoubtedly an indispensable artifact.

Of course, no tool is perfect. Although KIMIKIE has performed well in summarizing Feishu links, we still need to remain vigilant to avoid over-reliance on technology and neglecting the importance of in-depth reading and thinking.

In short, KIMIKIE provides us with a new perspective to efficiently obtain and process information in Feishu links. In this era of information explosion, mastering such tools will undoubtedly bring us more convenience and advantages. Try it now and let KIMIKIE become your new partner in obtaining information!

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