Independent Development Monetization Weekly (Issue 129): Tailwind CSS browser plug-in built in one week, earning $30,000 annually


How can a plugin built in a week bring in $30,000 a year in revenue?

Have you ever thought that a small browser plug-in can be built in just a week and bring in up to $30,000 in revenue per year? This may sound incredible, but urban, a founder of tan CSS, has done just that. Let's take a look at how he created this miracle.

Big power from a small plug-in

urban's plug-in is called "Tales Can", which is a browser extension designed for front-end developers. What's unique about it is that developers can change the style of any website in real time in the browser, and the underlying framework for all this is provided by tin CSS. In just one week, urban completed a minimum viable version of the plugin and attracted a lot of attention with a demo video.

Success stories that rose from failure

Before Tales Can, urban had tried a side product called base styles, but it failed to attract enough attention. However, instead of giving up, he set himself a challenge: build a minimum viable version of a new product in a week. It was this challenge that gave birth to Tales Can and started urban entrepreneurship.

Minimal but not simplify

The first version of Tales Can was very minimalist, yet very powerful. It is just a WUJS application packaged as a Chrome browser extension, but it can build a strong user base in a short period of time. This also proves that sometimes, simplicity is power.

Tips for attracting and retaining customers

For Tales Can, the key to attracting customers is providing valuable content. urban has successfully attracted a large number of potential customers by writing blog posts, optimizing SEO, sponsoring NOSLETTERs in the same field, and publishing free educational content related to tan CSS. In addition, he further improved customer retention rates through adjustments to pricing strategies.

Advice for Entrepreneurs

On the road to entrepreneurship, urban has also accumulated a lot of valuable experience. He reminds us to take care of our physical and mental health during the entrepreneurial journey and not to be afraid to take a break and think of it as an investment in future productivity. Additionally, he emphasized the importance of distribution and the need to maintain the right mindset.


Through the story of urban, we see the possibilities and challenges of entrepreneurship. A plugin built in a week that brings in $30,000 a year is not a far-fetched dream. As long as you have good ideas and execution skills, you can create your own small products and realize the possibility of monetization. Let us look forward to the appearance of the next urban!

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