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Best Strategy for Product Hunt Launch - (4.Post-Launch)

After the end of the launch day, the next step is to establish contact with these potential early adopters, guide them into the product  community you have previously established, and maintain close contact and communication with them. This is the most valuable resource you can gain through Product Hunt.

Best Strategy for Product Hunt Launch - (3.Publishing)

After preparing all of the above, the next step is the official launch. At this point, you face a choice of whether to publish the product directly as a Maker or to find a Hunter to help you publish the product. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, let's analyze them in detail.

Best Strategy for Product Hunt Launch - (2.Before Launching)

Before the cold start, the first thing to do is to polish the product, ensuring that the product has a relatively complete Onboarding (user guidance) process, allowing end users to get hands-on experience with the product through a Self-Serve (self-use) method.

Best Strategy for Product Hunt Launch - (1.Introduction)

Product Hunt is a community for sharing innovative products, attracting many tech companies to launch new products and major updates on the platform, becoming one of the channels most valued by many products for acquiring early active users. Because it can recommend fresh, interesting, and practical products to users more objectively, users can predict which products have the potential to become "hot" through feedback. How to do a product cold start on such a platform, let's take a look~

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