[Xiaoyi] Poor information on making money: I will take the exam for this certificate when I have time. People who have experienced it say it is really good!


Revealed! This certificate allows you to make money easily, and it’s better than a teacher’s qualification certificate!

Have you ever heard of the "Performance Agent Qualification Certificate"? This seemingly unpopular certificate hides huge value and business opportunities. Today, let us reveal the secret behind this certificate and see how it can help you make money easily and become a great help in your life!

Performance Agent Qualification Certificate: A money-making tool that’s even better than a teacher’s qualification certificate

Maybe you are wondering, how useful is a performance agent qualification certificate? Don't worry, let me explain slowly. This certificate is not only moderately difficult, but also extremely valuable. Both students, professionals, and even freelancers can benefit from it.

Good news for student parties: Easily add credits

For college students, this certificate can easily add credits to your studies. While you are busy studying, you might as well spend some time preparing for exams, which can not only enrich yourself, but also lay a solid foundation for future career development.

Essentials for working professionals: personal tax deduction, extra points on your resume

For professionals, the performance agent qualification certificate is a rare good thing. Not only can it help you deduct personal tax, up to 3,600 yuan, but it can also add points to your resume when interviewing for positions in entertainment media, live broadcast operations, etc. In a highly competitive workplace, having a certificate like this will undoubtedly make you stand out.

Good news for freelancers: earn money easily with certificates

For freelancers, the performance agent qualification certificate is an artifact of making money. Due to the popularity of the live broadcast industry, all major live broadcast organizations require this certificate. You can rent certificates to these institutions and earn rent easily. As far as I know, a friend got 3,000 yuan a year + 3 months of social security from a media company he affiliated with last year. Why not do such a good thing?

Benefits for star-chasing sisters: Chasing stars with a certificate will give you more confidence

If you are a star chaser, then this certificate is even more good news for you. You can proudly brag to your besties: "We are also certified to chase stars!" After all, with this certificate, you have the opportunity to get in touch with more celebrities and entertainment industry insiders, making your journey to chase stars more interesting and fulfilling.

How to easily obtain the performance agent qualification certificate?

You may think that it is difficult to obtain the performance agent qualification certificate, but it is not. The exam for this certificate is moderately difficult, with simple question types, including multiple choice and true/false questions. Moreover, there are no major or age restrictions for registration. You can register by yourself as long as you go to the official website, and the registration fee is only 130 yuan. You can register now for the exam on May 25th. You can prepare for the exam by answering questions. As long as you answer more questions, you can easily pass the exam.


Not only is the performance agent qualification certificate extremely valuable, it can also bring you many benefits. Whether you are a student, working professional or freelancer, you can benefit from it. Start preparing for the exam now and let this certificate be a great help in your life! If you think this article is helpful to you, don’t forget to like, share and follow! Let us keep moving forward on the road to pursuing our dreams together!

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