The implementation principle of the AI ​​WeChat red envelope generator, the code has been open source!


The magic of AI WeChat red envelope generator revealed

WeChat red envelopes, as a major feature of China’s digital culture, always stir up waves of joy among family and friends during every festive season. Now, with the rise of AI technology, WeChat red envelopes have also ushered in a new way of playing - AI WeChat red envelope generator. Simply enter a description to generate a personalized red envelope cover. So, how is the technology behind this achieved?

First, let’s reveal the mystery of this “black technology”. When you enter a fantastic description, such as "The weasel greets the chicken with New Year greetings" and click to generate a cover, a complex AI algorithm is actually operating behind it. In this process, an interface called "dream cover" plays a key role. It receives your description and converts it into visual elements through AI technology, ultimately generating a unique red envelope cover.

And how does this "dream cover" interface work? In fact, it relies on a powerful AI library-open i. This node.js library has an amazing number of downloads on NPM, which shows its popularity. By using the open i library and a valid open i key (or via a proxy address), we can create an AI instance. This example can call AI's "tattoo picture" function, which generates corresponding pictures based on the input description.

In the process of generating the red envelope cover, we also need to configure some parameters. For example, "prompt" tells the AI ​​what kind of picture it needs to generate. This description is the red envelope description entered by the user, such as "The weasel wishes the chicken a happy New Year." In addition, we can also choose the model to generate pictures, set the number of generated pictures, picture quality, etc. Finally, AI will generate a red envelope cover image that meets the requirements based on these parameters.

So, how is this generated image presented to us? After the image is generated, AI will return data containing the image URL. Through this URL, we can view this fresh red envelope cover in the browser. The whole process is both magical and simple, which makes people marvel at the power and convenience of AI technology.

In summary, the implementation principle of the AI ​​WeChat red envelope generator mainly relies on the open i official API library and powerful AI technology. By entering descriptions, configuring parameters, and calling AI instances to generate images, we can easily get a personalized WeChat red envelope cover. And behind all this are the dividends brought by technological progress.

Now, do you also want to try this magical AI WeChat red envelope generator? hurry up! Let your red envelopes stand out among your friends and family and become a beautiful sight during the festival. At the same time, we also look forward to more cutting-edge programming technologies and creative applications entering our lives, adding more color and fun to the world.

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